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At Network Care Solutions, we maintain our clients’ technology so that they can focus entirely on their business mission. Our dedicated team of experienced I.T. professionals provide an impeccable service and strives to give our clients solutions that keep their operations running as smooth and efficient as possible. Network Care Solutions has been serving Philadelphia and the Tri-State area since 2009, offering Professional Technical Support, Managed I.T. Support Services, Network Administration, and I.T. Consulting to small businesses of all sizes. We’ve made it our mission to manage our clients’ technology with the utmost care.


We work with many types of small businesses including:

  • Accounting & Tax

  • Architecture & Design

  • Insurance

  • Law

  • Medical Practices

  • Real Estate

  • and many others

We could be the missing piece to your business's success!



Having trouble finding or accessing shared files or printers on your network? We can make sure everything you need is at your fingertips! We also can add new users to the network and remove users that are no longer with your company to further secure access to your company data.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Stay focused on your business and have peace of mind knowing your technology is being monitored & maintained by technology experts 24/7/365. Our team of experienced support engineers monitor your network for trouble all day, every day! When a critical issue is found, we immediately take action to remedy the problem. We often see and resolve problems before you even know they existed.

Proactive Support & Maintenance

Computers require constant maintenance for security and proper operation. We apply all the necessary Operating System critical security patches along with other software updates. We also perform regular tune-ups on all your servers & workstations to keep them running at peak performance.


Are computer problems plaguing your business?

Computer support has long been based on a "Reactive" (break/fix) model. You wait until something breaks and then call a computer repair company to come fix it. They schedule you an appointment and then charge a high per hour rate plus a travel fee to come on-site to fix that one specific issue, then when the next thing breaks you repeat the process again. For residential users with computer problems, this method may get them by, but for a business that depends on computer technology to keep them operating, there is a much better "Proactive" approach to manage the technology your business relies on everyday. This is referred to as Managed I.T. Support Services.

Managed I.T. Support Services are simply, I.T. services that are provided remotely to your business by an outsourced I.T. Solutions Provider.

With Managed I.T. Support  Services from Network Care Solutions, your business will enjoy benefits such as:

Cost Effective I.T. Solutions

Small businesses can't always afford to match the in-house support services that larger companies maintain. Outsourcing gives small to mid-sized companies enterprise-level solutions by providing the kind of access and expertise that large companies enjoy but for far less than what it would cost to staff an internal I.T. department. 

Minimizing Downtime Risks

Being Proactive in supporting your technology allows us to find issues and solve them before they can cause an interruption to your business. Our team of support engineers will monitor your network around the clock, taking immediate action to remedy any critical issues we find. We pride ourselves on identifying and resolving problems before you even know they exist.

Predictable I.T. Budgets

Our Managed I.T. Support Services are not only cost-effective, they are also budget friendly. Ongoing support services are based on a monthly Flat Fee that allows business owners to plan more effectively and build a predictable and reliable budget for supporting I.T. assets. This approach frees up valuable resources to allot to other core business needs.

Increased Productivity

Utilizing our Managed I.T. Support Services, you free up valuable personnel to focus their efforts on the tasks they were originally hired for, instead of spending time dealing with technology challenges. We are your single point of contact relating to all your technology support including contacting your technology vendors such as Internet Service Providers on your behalf to get problems resolved.

Learn more about whats included in our Managed I.T. Support Services:

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Cloud Services

Are you needing to access company resources outside the office? The cloud  is here and provides many solutions ranging from software services to data storage and allows access from anywhere, anytime. We work with you to choose the best cloud services for your business needs.

Backup & Recovery

Without reliable backups, you could be out of business in the blink of an eye. We monitor and test your backups on a regular basis. Our backup devices can backup locally and to the cloud to keep your data safe from disaster. A disaster recovery plan is part of our process.

Consulting Services

When you need to implement a new piece of technology we can help. We do the required research to find the right fit for your needs. We plan and implement your new technology solutions. With our expertise in technology, we can develop solutions to your real world business challenges.

Network Security

Technology is vulnerable to many threats nowadays. We maintain your business grade firewall device to help prevent threats from entering your infrastructure. We also provide best in class Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and SPAM protection to safeguard your systems from infections.

Help Desk

Help is just a click or phone call away! Our technical support agents provide support for multi-vendor systems, software and mobile devices. We can remotely control your PC or provide an on-site visit should it be required to solve a problem. We can even provide the support you need after normal business hours if required.

Vendor Management

One call solves it all. Any technology related issue that may arise in your business, call us and we will contact your other technology vendors (ie. Internet Service Providers, Website Designer, Copier Repair Company, etc.) on your behalf and coordinate with them to provide what you need.

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